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FYES systems are among the most innovative systems of total control and automation regarding private and business premises. Consolidate control in conventional electromechanical installations and security, communications and information systems.

They are using the same serial communication protocol (Controller Area Network), with modern cars and aircraft, ensuring maximum reliability and safety during operation.

Thanks to their high technology obtain automatically reliable actions, they response to complex events and control all subsystems without any additional equipment and cost.

The excellence and innovation of FYES systems are not the only reasons for their choice. The close cooperation of the company with the designers, engineers, installers and customers ensures implementation of the most efficient and reliable solution in each custom case.

The FYES system consists of peripheral units, sensors, serial communication channel and software.


Composed of microcontrollers and come in two types, wall pads and panel board units for DIN rail mounting.

The wall mounted peripherals of FYES serve the operation of the system by touch keyboards. They have built-in thermometer, infrared receiver, infrared output port, 6 inputs for connecting various sensors, output for connecting siren, 4 PWM or 1-10V outputs for dimming of fluorescent lamps or LEDs, one serial port and they also carry 4 switches (Relays ) of 20A each.

The LCD displays of the units serve to illustrate the various situations, notice of events, regulating the temperature of the space etc.

The panel board units composed of 8 relays (20A each), 12 inputs for connecting various sensors, 6 PWM or 1-10V outputs for dimming of fluorescent lamps or LEDs, output for connecting siren, input and output of Infrared commands and 2 serial ports.


The FYES company designs, develops and produces a variety of sensors, (e.g. water leakage detectors, motion/presence detectors, humidity sensors, RFID card readers etc). However, the system is designed to be compatible with almost all sensors of the market with either analog or digital signal outputs.


It is based on CAN Bus, well known for its wide application in automobiles, aircraft, industrial control and its high reliability in distribution of information.


FYES system uses no central unit for processing algorithms required for each function. Its operation is based on information exchange among peripheral units. This structure results in increased reliability, because the operation of the system does not depend on a single unit, but simultaneously increases the complexity of the software.

To counterweight this, FYES company has developed a special software tool which is friendly to use and it is suitable for windows or linux platforms. The resources of the whole FYES system are displayed to the programmer as if they were on a single central unit and not on a network. Then it is very easy for the installer or the experienced end user to program or to modify all the requirements of the installation.

Then, the special software tool processes the information and divides into sub-algorithms, one for each peripheral unit.

At the end each sub-algorithm is uploaded to its respective peripheral microcontroller unit. Uploading can be done for the whole installation by connecting to the serial port of any peripheral unit or via LAN or internet.

In this way the complex algorithm is shared 'slicedā€‹ā€‹' to all network resources and executed concurrently, based on information exchange among units. The result is each peripheral unit to perform a part of the algorithm, while similar executions may exist in parallel in different FYES units, which increases the reliability to the maximum.

The benefits are:

  • Economy, because it does not require powerfull microprocessors as the computing power and memory requirements are shared on the network.
  • Reliability, because there is no dependence on a single processing unit, and there are spare execution algorithms.
  • Flexibility, because the ease of production of complex and demanding algorithms helps the implementation of various applications on a broad field (e.g. the control of a remote water pump drilling or the overall hotel management)

The operation is based on exchange of Messages among the FYES units. A Message or Event is defined as any change in the status of a peripheral unit, such as a new value measurement of a sensor, an activation of a button or the result of an executed algorithm. Each new event always communicated to the FYES network and, depending on the configuration of the application, causes the concurrent execution of local algorithms in the units, which in turn produce the final result.

IP Communication

The FYES communicates with the local area network (LAN) of the building and the Internet. By using the web browser of any device (tablet, laptop, PC, web TV, smart phone) the user takes total control of the whole system.

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