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What is FYES

FYES is one of the most innovative systems in home and building automation.

More specifically, it consists of a set of sensors (motion, openings, temperature, humidity, pressure, water level, brightness, liquid-gas leaks, smoke, distance, quality of air, heat, voltage, current, consumption, air speed sensors) and also of autonomous and cooperative with each other, regional units, which control and manage everything that works with electricity, whether it' s a device, like (such as) a TV, or a whole complete system, like (such as) a heating system.

FYES offers high intelligence which allows it to process the information gathered from the sensors, with great processing power. Based on that, FYES receives and executes decisions for maximum automation, protection and economy.

We could say that it looks like the human brain. The human brain receives information continuously, it analyzes data and responds by controlling and adjusting body' s functions. In the same way FYES: controls and manages, without any human intervention, all the functions of an area.

  • It controls the room, the devices, and its subsystems.
  • It evaluates the information received from sensors and detectors, and it reacts automatically by performing the appropriate actions.
  • It manages, either automatically or after receiving a command, all the devices and subsystems.
  • It informs the owner about critical incidents (like burglary, leakage, fire)
    It ensures maximum protection of the room and its occupants.
    It saves energy and protects the environment.
    It configures automatically the conditions of an area, according to user's wishes.
  • Unification and control of all the subsystems of the room.
  • Remote control and management.
  • Remote monitoring.
  • Flexibility of programming.
  • Easy usage.
  • Extremely low consumption.
  • Continuous operation with backup batteries

FYES systems compete any other automated system. Know why

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