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FYES is an advanced, high intelligent system of holistic control. It automates and offers the possibility of local and remote control of every function in private or business places. That's the reason why the benefits that this system offers, meet the most important human needs in contemporary living and working conditions.


FYES offers maximum technology protection to a place and its owners. It consists of advanced features (intrusion detection, fire detection, liquid-gas leakage, overvoltage-under voltage-blackout, air quality, natural phenomena) and it manages all the automation and the subsystems for the prevention, immediate alert, calling help and protection from dangerous events. It receives information from sensors and detectors, thanks to its high intelligence, it evaluates it and reacts automatically by performing a set of actions.

In case of emergency event recognition (such as burglary, smoke presence, flood) it immediately informs you and activates all the necessary subsystems and automations (alarm, fire fighting, electro valves). In addition, depending on the event, it performs other actions too. For example, in case of gas fuel leakage it deactivates the nearest wall pads to avoid possible explosion due to electric spark whereas in case of burglary it turns on the lights and activates the sirens.


FYES controls and adjusts, in the most effective way, the operation of all energy-intensive systems (heating, air- condition, lighting, ventilating, electrical appliances) and the water system, in order to prevent its unnecessary use and to achieve minimum consumption. It also provides the ability to monitor electricity's and water's consumption, by informing in any case of excessive consumption.

It turns on the lights only when there is a human presence and it adjusts it in every room's default volume, after it has leveraged the external lighting by opening the blinds or the shutters. In the same way it activates and regulates the cooling/heating to desired levels for every room, and only where human presence has been detected or has been preset. FYES also turns on the irrigation system for as long as it is necessary and only when soil moisture is not satisfactory. It turns off the water supply in case of leakage, whereas it deactivates the energy-intensive appliances when it detects a long absence of you and only after informing you and has received the appropriate command too.


One of the most impressive advantages that FYES offers is ease and comfort.

It performs for you, a set of commands (scenarios) about the management of every electric appliance and everyday usage, by putting the room in the desire state automatically or with a single press of a button.

So with the press of a button, when you leave your home or your office, FYES turns off all the lights, the appliances and the systems (heating, air-condition, ventilation), it activates the alarm and the security cameras, it closes the shading systems, it locks all the doors etc.

The scenarios that it can perform are endless. They are programmed based on your needs and their only limit is your imagination. Some of them are: day and night scenario, emergency scenario, scenario of extended absence, of events, home cinema, relaxing etc.

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