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Professional Applications

FYES systems operate automatically without any human intervention. They continuously, manage and monitor subsystems and electrical appliances of a room, based on programmed commands. They process the current conditions of the area, they inform and they act by themselves. Nevertheless even if you prefer the manual handling of an operation, management becomes very easy either locally or remotely via wall pad, mobile phone or any other device that has access to the Internet. If for example the owner wants to turn on the heating at his house or his company, he can do it so by pressing a button on the wall pad, or if he's away, by sending a SMS or via Internet.

Remote Sensing-Remote Control via Internet

FYES systems offer remote control and sensing of their own abilities, through any device that can be connected to the Interet. In the same way someone that connects to a website, he can connect to FYES too and get a total access to his features. In a simple and friendly way, the owner can be informed about all the situations (temperature-room's humidity, open doors-windows, tanks' level, electricity consumption, human presence, activated electrical appliances etc.) and handle whatever he wants with a simple click on his screen.

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