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Professional Applications

FYES system's basic equipment includes: wallpads, sensors (of motion, openings, temperature, humidity, pressure, level, brightness, liquid/gas leakage, smoke, distance, air quality, calories, voltage, current, consumption, air speed) and units that are installed in the electrical panel.

Crystal Wall mound Touch Pad Wall pads are used to control all the operations of a room (heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, electrical blinds, awnings, curtains, sunshades, electrical outlets, electrical appliances, security, protection, audio/video systems). Their size is similar to a common switch, they have crystal surface, touch buttons and screen that shows the events' announcement, the temperature and other information too. They can be placed at the same position with the conventional switches, so they can replace them too. They are remote controlled, illuminated in order to distinguish them in the dark and you can find them in a variety of colors. They save surface because through a wall pad you can manage at least 15 different operations. Buttons' functions can easily and quickly change, according to owner's needs and desires.

Motion Sensor with integrated photometer Sensors are elegant and detect human presence, doors-windows openings, temperature, lighting, humidity, smoke and other parameters too. They are placed in the appropriate positions and supply the system with information about the environment.

All the external units of FYES combine functionality with refined aesthetics and fit with every workplace's style.

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