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Professional Applications

FYES controls and adjusts, with the most effective way, the operation of all the energy-intensive systems (heating, air-condition, lighting). In this way it helps the protection of the environment and economy, through a drastic reduction of energy cost.

It receives information about environmental conditions (motion/presence, light level, indoor temperature) through sensors and detectors. Then, according to this information, it manages all the subsystems and the automatic mechanisms of the area, in order to achieve the desired result with the least energy expense. Additionally, it keeps track of electricity consumption, it informs about excess consumption of any appliance and provides statistics. So, in other words, it offers an additional tool for even better power management.

Except for the automatic operation of the energy-intensive systems, FYES also offers the ability to control them remotely via Internet.

It saves energy from:


FYES achieves reduction in power consumption, by controlling lighting rightly. It performs actions like:

  • Turning on the lights only when indoor lighting is not enough and when it has already taken advantage of the outdoor lighting.
  • Adjusting the lights to have the proper intensity. The system, automatically, increases or decreases the intensity according to natural lighting's changes, in order to maintain the desired brightness in each room.
  • Activating the lighting, for as long as needed, only in rooms where human presence is detected.
  • Activating and deactivating outdoor lighting, depending on external conditions or human presence detection.

FYES controls and manages heating-cooling system, automatically, in order to avoid unnecessary use and to maintain the temperature at preset levels for each room.

Some of the ways that are used to achieve that, are:

  • Indoor and outdoor temperature detectors and presence sensors, which ensure that heating-cooling system will be activated only in rooms where human presence is detected and temperature levels are lower / higher than desired.
  • In case of a long absence from a place, heating- cooling system is automatically regulated in levels of lower consumption.
  • It deactivates the whole system when it detects open windows or doors.
  • When employees leave the company, FYES turns off the heating or the air-condition in every room, with the simple press of a button. If they forget to press it, the system informs them via sms or e-mail, and acts automatically by itself or according to the commands it will receive.
Devices' operation

FYES turns off all the energy-intensive appliances, automatically, with a single press of a button.

In case that it detects an activated appliance - device, after the usual working hours of the company, it sends an appropriate text message to the responsible person and executes the command it receives.

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