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Professional Applications

FYES is one of the most intelligent solutions in holistic automation. It creates the conditions of a place in accordance to owner's wishes, by executing a set of commands (scenarios) that are activated automatically based on conditions of the environment, or with the press of a button.

FYES can perform numerous scenarios. They are determined from company's needs and their only limit is the imagination.

Some of the most common scenarios are:


The emergency scenario performs actions which involve many subsystems and it is depending on the event (like fire, liquid or gas fuel leakage, intrusion, unauthorized entry)

For example, if the scenario is activated because of any infringement or criminal act, there are some actions that are performed like: immediate cameras' recording, inform the owner and the emergency center, secure doors, activate sirens etc. )


With the 'day-night' scenario, all the operations of a place are automated, in order to shape its conditions, quickly and easily, based on owner's wishes.

In the 'day' scenario, FYES prepares the area for daily work. Some of its operations are:

  • It disarms the alarm system
  • It unlocks the doors (internal and external)
  • It opens the curtains-blinds
  • It turns on the lights to the appropriate level
  • It turns on the air-condition system, if it is necessary, as well as the audiovisual system (for music and video play in lobbies)

During the night scenario, the opposite actions are performed and additionally, all the electric appliances are turned off, the operation of external lighting's management is activated (so the lights can be turned on and off according to the conditions or the motion detection), as well as the HVAC can be regulated in a low energy operation state preparing room's conditions for the next day.

Audiovisual presentation

An audiovisual scenario includes the management of audiovisual sources and operations of a presentation room and it is activated by a remote control or by time scheduling. Some actions that can be performed in this scenario are:

  • The projector and the audio devices are activated.
  • The electric screen descends.
  • The internal lighting is being controlled and if it is necessary, the system lowers the lights or/and closes the electric curtains or the blinds.
  • If there is an emergency call that has to be answered, during a presentation, the projection is automatically paused and the light intensity rises until a command to continue is received.
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