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Professional Applications

FYES systems are one of the most innovative and reliable solutions of holistic control and automatism of professional and public places.

They connect and control all the subsystems of an area. They perform automatically unique commands or complete scenarios for the operation of the electric appliances, machines, the lighting, heating systems, air-conditioning, ventilation, security, monitoring, audio, video, communication and information technology.

They are fully adjustable and they can be programmed based on each company's specific needs, in order to offer security, economy, local or remote total control and easy management of everyday tasks.

Areas of application

The FYES solutions can be applied successfully in all places, without restriction. Everything can be under the FYES holistic control : production facilities , hotels, offices, shops, malls, military installations, schools, museums, sports facilities, theme parks, hospitals - clinics, greenhouses, photovoltaic parks etc.

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