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Hotel applications

FYES offers automation solutions that help to provide high quality services to the customers of the hotel.

  • Automatic activation of the lights when you enter the room, with the detection of a valid card from the external card-reader.
  • Control of the lighting in the room, with an IR remote control.
  • Control of dimmable lighting.
  • A 'Do not Disturb' button with a corresponding visual indicator at the room's external card-reader and at the reception. At the same time staff's cards are deactivated.
  • Automatic command to the elevator in order to go at the accommodation floor by just reading room's card.
  • Automatic handling of electrical shading systems (curtains, blinds, shutters, awnings)
  • Automated commands which depend on the circumstances or the use of the room or hall. For example, in a conference room, there are specific commands that are performed like special lighting scenarios, scenarios of activating the audiovisual system, the heating system or the air- condition and the ventilation.
  • Automatically turning on the lighting and the air-condition of a room, just before the client arrives.
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