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Hotel applications

FYES offers central control and effective management of a hotel unit with:

  • Control of all the systems, by using any computer in the hotel and even remotely, via Internet.
  • Monitoring and control of all the electromechanical installations.
  • Recording statistics about consumption, temperatures etc.
  • The condition of each room (occupied, free, do no disturb, ready for disposal, balcony door open, entrance door open) is displayed on external card-reader and on any computer of the Hotel.
  • Power supply activation-deactivation and opening rooms' door remotely from the reception.
  • History log off customers' or staff's access to the room
  • Personal information about the reservation (name, surname, nationality, meals, period, special requirements)
  • Presentation of personal information and room status (number of beds, mini- bar, TV, air-condition, clean, for cleaning, lack of maintenance, out of service, sea view etc. )
  • Monitoring and benefits' costs (like beach towels, network cables)
  • Reminders for alarm and reservation end, before the check-out time.
  • Access and Services: Smart, very low cost, RFID technology cards, allow customer's access as well as staff's, to the room and other places (parking, main entrance, distinguished areas), according to the duration of the booking. In addition , they offer you access to room's prepaid services such as the air condition, pay-tv, spa . They communicate with the central system where all the events, of entering and leaving the room, are recorded. Both their preparation and their cancellation are easy and instant.
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