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Hotel applications

FYES controls and manages, in the most effective way, all the energy intensive systems in order to achieve the desired result with the minimal power consumption.

Some of the ways it uses to achieve are:

  • Automatic operation of the lighting in rooms, in public and external areas, depending on occupants' -staff's presence and natural brightness.
  • Automatic cooling/heating in public areas, depending on human presence and external-internal temperature.
  • Automatic control of warm and cold water supply in each room.
  • Remote setting of the cooling/heating system of each room, from any hotel's computer.
  • Deactivation of cooling/heating when it detects open windows /doors, in public or non public areas.
  • Automatic deactivation of energy intensive systems in rooms when occupants are absent, without disabling switches that are used for devices' charging.
  • Detection and inform about water leakage.
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