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FYES systems, convert every residence into an intelligent unit, which manages automatically all the subsystems of the place (heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, electric blinds, awnings, curtains, sunshades, electrical sockets, electric appliances, power generators, security, protection, entertainment appliances). A home that includes FYES system does not offer only a simple automation and remote management of its operations: it 'Thinks', 'Decides' and 'Acts', ensuring the maximum protection, comfort and economy.

Imagine of a home that takes care of you and creates the ideal conditions for you to enjoy. A friendly, high tech home which cares about your safety and comfort. This is FYES home…your intelligent home!

It gives you total control

FYES home offers you the ability to control and manage all of your electric appliances and its subsystems, from wherever you are, with the press of a button with a SMS or via Internet. You can turn on the heating remotely, check if you have forgotten the lights turned on and turned them off, activate the alarm system and many other things.

It automates all operations

In a FYES home, all the subsystems operate automatically and calibrated based on your wishes and the room's conditions. For example, the heating is activated automatically, in rooms where presence is detected and the inside temperature is under the desired level. it is deactivated though, when there are open windows or doors detected. In the rest rooms, the heating is maintained though, if this your choice, in low consumption levels. Similarly, lights turn on automatically only where there is motion/presence detected and they are adjusted to the desired level for every room.

It informs you

FYES home gives interactive remote communication. In case of any damage(failure), critical incident or change of important conditions, it informs you via a wall pad, SMS or an email while it acts by itself or waits and executes the instructions that it receives from you.

It takes decisions for Protection and Economy

FYES home 'recognizes' through sensors and detectors -individually or in total- every event. Then it evaluates them and takes the right decisions by acting properly. For example, when there is strong wind, the system will lift the awnings to prevent them from tearing, whereas in case of leakage it will close the water supply. When it detects a long absence in every room, after informing you, it will turn into protection mode with the activation of the alarm system, the closing of the blinds, the security of the doors and it will also stop the operation of the energy-intensive appliances.

It makes your life easier

FYES home creates ideal living conditions, fulfilling your desires. With a single move of yours, it performs a set of actions, defined from you, which may include all the subsystems and the electrical appliances. For example, in the morning, the only thing that you have to do is to press a button from the wall pad and everything is done automatically: The heating or the air-condition is turned on, curtains and blinds are opened, lights are turned on where it is needed, water heater and stereo are turned on , even your coffee maker. In the night the exact opposite actions happen. Additionally, the electric appliances are turned off, the alarm system is activated as well as the external lighting and the heating or the air-condition operates only in bedrooms.

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