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Home Applications

FYES offers you an extreme convenience. It gives you the opportunity to manage any operation remotely, via Internet or mobile phone. It acts like a loyal domestic servant who takes care of your home continuously, according to your wishes.

There are innumerable scenarios (set of commands) that FYES can perform. They are defined by your desires and their only limit is the imagination.

Some of them are:


With FYES you can program emergency scenarios in order to perform a set of actions depending on the event. For example, in case of intrusion or another threat, with the press of a button you can have the performance of several actions like: instant cameras' recording, inform the owners and the emergency center, doors' locking, activate the siren and the lighting.

Day- Night

With the day-night scenario, FYES automatically configures your home's conditions, according to your desires. You don't have to do anything more than to press a button.

In the morning, it cares about you starting your day in the best mood. It 'says Good Morning', by opening the electrical curtains or the blinds, it creates a pleasant atmosphere by turning on the air-condition as well as the audio system, in order to enjoy your favorite music. It also turns on the heater to have warm water for your bath, it deactivates the alarm system and it even turns on the coffee maker for you, to find your coffee ready.

At night, with the simple press of a button, your home enters the sleep mode. FYES informs you via wall pads' screens about possible open windows or doors. It turns off electrical appliances and lights, it draws down the blinds, it sets the air-condition in low power/energy mode, and it takes care of your protection by activating the alarm system and the motion sensors.

Home Cinema

With the Home Cinema scenario, FYES automatically configures the ideal conditions for you, in order to enjoy your favorite movie. It controls the external lighting and if it is necessary, it closes the electrical curtains or the blinds . It lowers the lighting, draws down the electrical screen and activates the audio and video appliances. If, during the projection, the doorbell or the phone rings, it elevates the lighting level and pauses the projection until you allow its continuation.

Presence simulation

When you are absent for a long time, you can use the presence simulation scenario. In this scenario, FYES performs several actions which give the impression that your house is occupied. It turns on and off the lights, the stereo and the TV, at predetermined intervals, while it also opens and closes the automated shading systems (awnings, shutters, blinds, curtains) depending on the time and the external conditions.


With FYES, your bathroom becomes intelligent!

When you enter the bathroom, the light is turned on and remains that way for as long as there is presence detected. At the same time, music's volume from the ceiling's speaker turns up to a distinctive level.

Ventilation of the room remains off in order to avoid the annoying noise of the fan. Although the circulation of hot water begins for the water to be ready if it is needed.

These are operations that can be also activated from the wall pads outside the bathroom. However, for the time that the room is occupied, lighting's control from the wall pad is deactivated.

If your stay in the bathroom is prolonged for a long time, the system informs about this unusual incident, which could possibly mean that the visitor doesn't feel very well.

By leaving the bathroom, FYES turns down the lighting and music's volume, it stops warm water's circulation and vents the room. s

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