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Home Applications

FYES prevent you, your home and its equipment from any danger or damage. It continuously monitors your home both internal and external, as well as its subsystems, it evaluates the information it receives from sensors and detectors, it takes decisions and reacts quickly by operating like a valuable guard. At the same time, in case you are absent, it informs you with a SMS or an e-mail for every urgent or critical incident.

FYES provides security and protection from:


FYES offers the operations of an extremely advanced alarm system, by performing a set of actions that prevent from any possible violation of your residence

It effectively uses the information it receives from motion detectors and other sensors (like openings and breakage sensors), and it recognizes the possible threats. It distinguishes the movements: there are the 'expected' ones, like these that come from the usual activity of the occupants in the house, and the 'suspicious' one which are caused by an intrusion attempt. So in comparison to other security systems, FYES maintains the motion sensors activated, as an additional means of detecting intrusions, while you can move comfortably in your home knowing that any attempt of invasion will cause the automatic performance of protection actions.

In case of intrusion, except for the siren and the update of the emergency center, FYES also turns on indoor and outdoor lights, it sends audio and visual sign to the wall pads inside your home, it activates surveillance cameras and any other subsystem that seems to be important. The actions that the system performs have been defined by you and may include many scenarios.

FYES' intelligence allows the system to recognize even cases of negligence. If it detects prolonged absence in all rooms in your home, while the security system is not activated, FYES informs you by sending you a SMS or an e-mail. It waits for your instructions to follow or it acts by itself by performing the absence operation that includes deactivating all the appliances, the lights, the blinds and activating the alarm system.

Apart from the alarm system's operations, FYES protects you in other ways too: It continuously monitors the surroundings and lets you know at any time what's going on outside your house. When motion is detected, it turns on TVs in the room you are and projects the image from the cameras. Additionally when you are absent for a long time , it creates presence conditions in order to give the impression that there is someone inside the home. In that way FYES prevents your residence from aspiring intruders.

Leakage of water, liquid and Gas fuel

FYES acts immediately in every water, liquid or gas leakage by informing the owners and stopping the flow. Additionally, if there is gas leakage it prohibits switches' operation at the nearest wall pads, in order to avoid the risk of explosion caused by electric spark.


FYES monitors electricity supply continuously. In case of blackout, it recognizes the cause and informs the owner via sms or e-mail in order to take the appropriate measures to protect goods in refrigerators and freezers.

When over voltage or under voltage is detected, the system prevents electric appliances that are in danger by disconnecting them from AC mains supply. It reconnects them when the voltage returns in normal levels.


FYES detects fire and reacts immediately due to its smoke and temperature sensors. Then it activates the fire system and informs the owners by using audible or visual signals via wall pads or by SMS or e-mail.

Air pollution

FYES checks air's quality by measuring the pollutants. If pollution exceeds safety limits, it informs and activates the ventilation system.

Change of various critical conditions

FYES monitors, alerts and saves history about change of various conditions like: rise or fall of temperature in a room (cellar), tanks and cesspools level, humidity etc. Therefore you can take immediate measures to solve the problem.

The above are only some of the cases where FYES provides protection. Almost any threat that could harm you or your residence, can be prevented and treated effectively

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