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Home Applications

FYES is an advanced system of holistic control. It connects, controls and automates all the subsystems of a residence. It offers the ability to manage them, locally from wall pads or remotely via Internet or by using your mobile phone.

With FYES you are able to know, to set up and to adjust all the operations of a room, at any time, wherever you are. You can turn on the heating, turn off the lights, activate security systems, turn on or off electrical appliances, receive images from security cameras and in general you can have easily and quickly the total control of your home.

Some of the subsystems that FYES manages are:


FYES incorporates advanced security systems and manage them all together with other subsystems in order to maximize protection.


FYES manages the monitoring system by activating it automatically when it is needed, as for example, at certain times when motion is detected or when the alarm system is activated.

It also allows you to check surveillance cameras to watch what's going on in your business via computer or smart phone.

In case of motion detection in the surrounding area, it connects the monitoring system with the area's TV screens which display the picture from the external cameras.

Water, gas, liquid fuel supply

FYES monitors the watering system as well as the gas and the liquid fuel supply systems. It controls their operation and in case of leakage it automatically update you and turns off the supply.

A/C power supply

FYES controls and manages the electricity supply system. It continuously monitors and automatically stops the supply in certain or in all the devices when there is safety reasons (like flood, fire, over voltage and under voltage of electricity) and it reconnects the supply when there is no long danger. It acts according to the commands it receives from the wall pad, the mobile phone or the computer and that's how it activates or deactivates any electrical appliance. It also records the consumption of the electricity and gives a statistic analysis.


Lighting is also one of the systems that FYES manages in order to offer convenience and economy.

It offers the possibility of central control and overall lighting management of a workplace or any individual room by using a wall pad or a computer. It manages the lights and their level, based on the time you want, on the internal and external natural lighting, on each room' s needs and conditions and all these, combined with human presence.

Audio and Video

FYES consolidates and manages audio and video systems. It allows you to choose an audio or visual file (music or movie), the player (specific screen or sound system) and to adjust the sound volume from every wall pad.

Heating/Cooling (HVAC)

FYES manages heating/cooling system, ensuring optimum energy efficiency. It automatically adjusts the desired temperature level of every room, according to human presence, time interval and environmental conditions. The user can control it locally from wall pads or remotely via Internet, smart phone, tablets etc.

Sunshades (blinds, shutters, awnings)

FYES manages the sunshade system: It opens and closes, with the press of a button or automatically, the blinds of all the rooms (or the chosen ones), when it is needed. It automatically controls the awnings, according to the commands it receives from the sensors. FYES lowers them when there is sunshine and elevates them when the room is not well lit, or when there is strong wind.


FYES manages the Door phone/CCTV system, by connecting it with other tools, like video devices or mobile phones, to ensure greater control and convenience. For example, when the doorbell rings, it opens the TV screen in rooms where there is human presence and it projects the image of the front door's camera. In case you are absent, you can open the front door via your mobile phone.

Irrigation system

FYES activates the watering system, only when it is necessary. It operates according to soil's moisture and environmental conditions.

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