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Home Applications

FYES helps you to greatly reduce the cost of electricity consumption, as well as to protect the environment by regulating correctly and effectively the operation of energy-intensive systems of your home.

It receives information about environmental conditions (motion/presence, natural lighting, indoor-outdoor temperature) through sensors and detectors. Then, according to this information, it manages all the subsystems and the automatic mechanisms of the house, in order to achieve the desired result with the least energy expense. Additionally, it keeps track of electricity consumption, it informs about excess consumption of any appliance and provides statistics. So, in other words, it offers an additional tool for even better power management.

Except for the automatic operation of the energy-intensive systems, FYES also offers the ability to control them remotely via Internet.

It saves energy from:


With FYES, you don't need to worry anymore, about excess use of lighting, because:

  • The automatic shading mechanisms turns on automatically for the right function of the external lighting.
  • The lights are turned on only when there is not enough natural brightness and as long as there is human presence.
  • Their intensity increases or decreases depending on natural lighting's changes, in order to maintain the desired brightness in each room.
  • The external lighting turns on only when the conditions allow it to (presence detected, low level of lighting) and never during the day, even if the corresponding switch is pressed accidentally.
  • If you leave your home without turning the lights off, it informs you by giving you the ability to turn them off remotely or it acts by itself and turns them off automatically.

Set the desired temperature in every room separately, and leave FYES to create the ideal conditions without unnecessary power consumption.

After taking into account all the factors (like operation mode, human presence, environmental conditions), it ensures the most effective operation of the heating-cooling system.

In case there is long absence or open windows, it sets the heating-cooling system in economical consumption levels. At night, during your sleep, the temperature can be adjusted according to your wishes and only in the rooms that are used. In the rest rooms, heating-cooling is completely stopped or it is automatically set in low power consumption levels.

With your departure, the system is set to low power consumption mode or it is automatically deactivated.

Electrical appliances' operation

FYES turns off all the energy-intensive appliances, automatically, according to the operation mode (absence, sleep). Therefore when you leave your house you don’t need to worry about forgetting any appliance turned on. You just have to declare your absence with the press of a button and everything is arranged automatically.

Even if you leave without making this simple move, FYES will detect which appliance has not been turned off, it will send you a SMS and it will perform the command that you are going to give or it will act automatically.

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